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  • Am I able to contact teachers anytime of the day?

    Of course! And this is what distinguishes the Moddakir app. The presence of available male and female teachers 24/7.

  • Is there a minimum or a maximum for the duration and number of learning sessions?

    There is no minimum or maximum time or number of sessions. It all depends on what the learner chooses for their sessions

  • How do I register?

    If you wish to register, or renew a subscription, you can choose among the different learning packages, which vary in minutes and duration, that you can review in the application itself

  • Which Quran reading methods can I learn through the Moddakir app?

    In the Moddakir app, there are dozens of teachers that have mastered either the 7 or 10 reading methods of the Holy Quran. All you have to do is review the profiles of teachers you’re interested in learning with, choose one and get started with your learning journey!

  • Will I be able to receive certification through the Moddakir app?

    Yes, you are able to get certified in Quran reading/memorization. Contact customer service for more information.

  • What methods of payment are accepted? And what currencies are available for payment?

    You can pay via Visa – Apple Pay – PayPal – Mastercard

    For customers living in Saudi Arabia, you can pay via made card and STC pay

    Payment is also available in the following currencies: Saudi Riyal – US dollars – Kuwaiti Dinar

    You can change your payment currency by clicking on the $ icon on the subscription renewal page

  • I have another inquiry, or a technical problem with the application. What do I do?

    We strive to provide the optimum service and care. Any additional inquiries are welcomed via WhatsApp
    or social media

  • Who are the Moddakir teachers?

    At Moddakir, we are adamant on providing the best learning experience by hiring highly qualified individuals who have fully memorized the Quran and have at least a license with the narration of Hafs-an-Asim

  • Are female teachers available?

    For female students, there are female teachers available. At Moddakir we preserve the privacy of both the students and their teachers

  • How does my child learn? Is there a way to follow-up with his learning experience?

    Your child will learn by being partnered with a male or female teacher who are highly qualified in teaching children Quran through an online system. You can follow-up with your child’s learning journey by adding them as a participant to your main account. Once you have done that, you may access his learning page through the child’s window in the Moddakir app. From there, you can follow the learning path you choose for them, whether it be memorization through repetition, recitation or recitation correction.

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