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Benefits of Memorizing the Holy Quran for Children: Psychological and Social Aspects

Quran Recitation Correction Path for kids

Memorizing the Holy Quran for children is crucial and should be diligently fostered, as it positively influences their personal and spiritual growth. Beyond religious and spiritual benefits, memorizing the Quran offers numerous psychological and social advantages that aid in developing their personalities and fostering positive social interactions. Here, we highlight some of these benefits and explain how to teach our children to memorize the Holy Quran using the Moddakir app, through the methods of recitation and correction, and by choosing the proper pathway for your child to learn to read the Holy Quran correctly.

Benefits of Memorizing the Holy Quran for Children

Memorizing the Holy Quran requires patience and high concentration, which helps children develop self-discipline and self-control. As children make progress in memorizing the Quran and are able to recite it confidently, they feel proud of their achievements and their self-confidence grows. Additionally, memorizing the Quran enhances children’s spiritual connection and helps them develop a strong and solid relationship with Allah. When children memorize verses from the Quran, they can reflect on their meanings and apply them in their daily lives, enhancing spiritual awareness and deepening closeness to Allah.

The Holy Quran also contains great values and morals aimed at developing a person’s character and promoting good behavior. When children memorize the Quran and learn from its teachings, they learn values of humility, honesty, justice, mercy, and benevolence. These values reflect on their behavior and positively affect their relationships with others.

Moreover, memorizing the Holy Quran helps enhance focus and academic achievement as it requires repetition and continuous practice. This develops children’s abilities in focus and academic achievement. When children learn to organize their time and adhere to Quran memorization schedules, they acquire important skills that can be applied in their academic and practical lives. Memorizing the Quran is an excellent exercise for developing memory and language skills in children. Memorizing the Quran requires learning many words and sentences, which enhances their ability to remember information and handle linguistic texts, positively reflecting on their academic performance and general language skills.

The Psychological and Social Aspects of Teaching Children the Holy Quran

Teaching children the Holy Quran is crucial for parents to ensure, due to its significant psychological and social benefits for the child. Here are some of the key psychological benefits of teaching the Holy Quran to children:

How to Use the Recitation Correction Path in the Moddakir App for Your Child?

The Recitation Correction Path in the Moddakir app is one of four tracks designed to teach children the Holy Quran and help them memorize Allah’s verses by heart. This path is particularly suited for learning precise Quranic recitation online. It assists children in accurately pronouncing the verses with basic Tajweed rules and then mastering the recitation. Suitable for ages 3 to 12, this program’s duration is flexible, allowing you to choose suitable times for your child. Alongside the recitation and memorization tracks, the Recitation Correction Path helps children master Quranic recitation and memorization through teacher-led recitation. To use the Recitation Correction Path, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Moddakir Childhood app and register your child with their full name, date of birth, and upload a profile picture.
  2. Select the Recitation Correction track by checking the ‘Recitation Correction (Learn Quran Reading)’ option, then click ‘Next.’
  3. Specify the days for learning, from Sunday to Saturday, choosing all week if desired, and select the time slot. The day is divided into six four-hour periods starting at 4 AM. then click ‘Next.’
  4. Choose a learning plan for the Recitation Correction track, whether by parts or specific chapters, from the shorter chapters like Al-Nas to Al-Duhaa along with Al-Fatiha, or select an appropriate Juz, or choose a single chapter from among the 114 chapters of the Quran. then click ‘Next.’
  5. Determine the amount of teaching per session, from one to eight lines, then click on ‘Review Plan.’
  6. A summary of your child’s plan in the Recitation Correction Path will appear for confirmation.

The Recitation Correction Path offers several benefits: it assesses your child’s level when they read a short chapter, and the teacher evaluates their pronunciation, Tajweed, and then corrects the recitation. The child learns through repetition and mimicking the teacher’s recitation, with regular assessments to ensure they meet the learning objectives. The teacher provides personalized feedback to correct mistakes and improve performance.

Why Choose Moddakir Childhood?

Moddakir Childhood is distinguished by its filtering technology that allows you to select specialized readers and teachers for your child. All the teachers are certified in the Holy Quran, which ensures quality teaching. One of the greatest advantages of the Moddakir Childhood app is that it eliminates the need for children to leave their homes, thus removing the boredom associated with memorization. The idea of using a mobile app makes children excited about memorizing the Holy Quran. One crucial tip for mothers is to ensure not a single day goes by without teaching their child the Quran. Even teaching just one verse a day is significant for inculcating the values of the Quran from a young age, adhering to the principle: “Learning in young age is like engraving on stone.”

Teaching children the Quran from an early age and helping them memorize even a single verse daily is vital for their spiritual and intellectual growth. Here are some reasons why this education is essential:

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