What is Moddakir for businesses?

At Moddakir, we specialize in providing technical educational services to companies, charitable organizations, education and governmental agencies as well as family and funds

Agency-Specific Design

Designs and defining advertisements specific to the entity, with the possibility of creating an application specific to the entity

Interactive Environment

It encourages the users to learn the Holy Quran through the latest technology

Customized educational packages

Designed based on the size of the entity, its beneficiaries as well as their requirements and plans

Enjoy a different learning experience by studying the Holy Quran in a private and personalized session with one of our teachers

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Male and Female Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

Alter signing-up on the Moddakir app you will receive a free trial session. You can then get in touch with a male or female teacher through the app in order to claim your free session by having a free audio/video lesson. Once you are finished, you may rate the teacher and review your ratings on the learning sessions page.

At Moddakir, we are adamant on providing the best learning experience by hiring highly qualified individuals who have fully memorized the Quran and have at least a license with the narration of Hafs-an-Asim

For female students, there are female teachers available. At Moddakir we preserve the privacy of both the students and their teachers

Your child will learn by being partnered with a male or female teacher who are highly qualified in teaching children Quran through an online system. You can follow-up with your child’s learning journey by adding them as a participant to your main account. Once you have done that, you may access his learning page through the child’s window in the Moddakir app. From there, you can follow the learning path you choose for them, whether it be memorization through repetition, recitation or recitation correction.

Of course! Moddakir is unique in that there are teachers available to offer live online sessions around the clock, 24/7.

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