Quran Memorizing Online for Adults and Children and its Importance

February 24, 2024

While there are certainly disadvantages to using technological devices, their benefits are also numerous. One of the most significant advantages is the use of smart devices and applications for online Quran memorization course.

Recently, many have turned to online Quran memorization classes, utilizing a variety of trusted Quran Hifz program online, websites, and apps designed specifically for this purpose, offering exceptional teaching methods for both children and adults.

Online Quran memorization is facilitated either in groups or individually, with the help of qualified, specialized teachers who assist in perfecting the memorization process. The following report introduces the best online Quran memorization program.

Online Quran Memorization:

Some individuals may find it challenging to attend Quran memorization sessions in mosques due to age, disabilities, time constraints, or other responsibilities, making smart devices an ideal solution for learning and memorizing the Quran from home through house of Quran memorization online.

There are many online platforms for memorization Quran online, allowing for individual study or participation in memorization circles.

Rules of Quran Memorization

Before beginning Quran memorization, it is essential to understand the rules of recitation and the basics of the Arabic language to enhance the memorization process. Key practices of how to Hifz Quran online include:

  • Sincerity in intention towards Allah, which is crucial and one of the most important aids in memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • Planning your memorization strategy, including scheduling and commitment.
  • Avoiding overload by memorizing too many verses “Ayats” at once to prevent quick forgetting. This is why you must plan the number of verses you should memorize daily.
  • Regular review of memorized verses before starting new ones.
  • Creating a stress-free and focused environment for memorization. You must eliminate sources of worry and tension, calm yourself, choose the right time, and clear your mind before starting to memorize the Holy Quran, so you can achieve good results.
  • The time of Holy Quran memorizing is one of the best times for drawing closer to Allah Almighty, and therefore you should seek refuge in Allah from Satan, and face the Qiblah during memorization.
  • Choosing the right method for memorizing the Quran, through determining the suitable method with your teacher, whether memorizing Quran online or in person.
  • Emphasizing on contemplating the verses, understanding the rulings of the Quran, and learning the lessons derived from them.
  • Aiming to continue memorizing is one of the most important steps that support you in memorizing better and faster.
  • Ensuring to eat healthy foods that help strengthen memory, and prevent forgetfulness, including nuts and fish.

Online Quran Memorization App:

There are many Quran memorization programs online, and one of the best is “Moddakir” application, which is an online Quran memorization app. Through it, online Quran Hifz classes and memorization can be done ideally, as it includes a wide range of teachers with whom continuous communication is possible.

Moddakir Application for Adults:

You can organize your time between your memorization and your obligations in a way that is compatible with performing other tasks.

Moddakir app is an online Hifz program that provides a suitable plan for you and your educational path without restrictions.

The app includes live sessions where communication can be done through video or audio only, available 24 hours a day.

You can choose your teacher, as the application contains more than 1200 male and female teachers who have obtained a (Hafs from Asim) reading licence “Igaza” and other readings.

Moddakir Application for Children:

One of the most important ways to memorise Quran online for kids is to visit sites specialized in remote Quran memorization or to download one of the specialized applications that facilitate the memorization process for the child. One of the best of these applications is the Moddakir application for Kids, which is considered the best program for online Quran memorization for children.

It is worth mentioning that there is a section dedicated to children through teachers specialized in memorizing the Quran for children in an interesting way, as they are qualified to deal with children.

The Importance of Online Quran Memorization:

  • The ability to communicate with teachers from anywhere in the world in a simple and easy way.
  • Online Quran memorization allows you to use simple means such as mobile phones or computers.
  • Saving time by Hifz Quran online memorization at home without having to attend memorization circles.
  • Choosing the suitable time for you that does not conflict with various life matters.
  • Discussing with the teacher to understand the verbal similarities between verses and chapters of the Quran.
  • Choosing the method of memorization, whether in groups or individually.
  • Recording Quran memorization sessions so you can repeat them many times to help you memorize better.
  • Teachers during online Quran memorization ensure to review what has been memorized constantly to ensure proper memorization.
  • When you memorize Quran online, teaching Tajweed and the correct pronunciation of the places of exits for Arabic language words (Makharijul Huruf) is included.

Methods of Reviewing Quran after Memorization:

  • Listen to the Holy Quran, especially the verses you are memorizing.
  • Repeating the recitation of the verses, as repetition leads to solidifying the memorization and preventing its forgetfulness.
  • Praying with the verses you have memorized, especially in the Tahajjud prayer, which helps to memorize them quickly.
  • Divide the parts you have memorized so that you can review them periodically without conflicting with daily tasks.
  • You can review what you have memorized before going to sleep, which helps to reinforce the verses and identify what has been forgotten so it can be memorized again.
  • It is important to ensure a weekly review of what has been memorized throughout the week.
  • One of the best times for memorizing or reviewing the Quran is early in the morning when the mind is clear, which helps to memorize faster than other times.

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